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On 19 April 2019, on the initiative of his heirs, the Tino Stefanoni Archive was established in Lecco, based in the artist’s studio. Organised in the form of a Committee, the Archive is a non-profit organisation the aim of which is to protect, highlight and promote the heritage, the works, and the creations of Tino Stefanoni, by means of exhibitions in public spaces, private galleries of acknowledged interest, art shows, museums, foundations, private collections of prestigious standing, and by organising and programming exhibitions, art festivals, conferences, and workshops, or other initiatives aimed at highlighting the artist’s work. It is also committed to archiving all the works and material pertaining to the artist’s work: books, catalogues, articles, manuscripts, correspondence, and photographs, and certifying the attribution of Tino Stefanoni’s authentic works, also relying on the opinion of a Scientific Committee.

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